Overview of Business Consulting in Marketing: [With Case Study]

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Many people can confuse the profession of business consulting with solely providing advice to clients. Yet, it is much more in-depth and beneficial than it may appear on the surface.

In that case, what does the service of consulting mean? By definition, it is defined as “the practice of providing a third party with expertise on a matter in exchange for a fee”. (Source Myconsultingoffer) In metaphorical terms, consultants are doctors for a business. They are professional problem solvers analyzing and offering solutions to complex problems within an organization. To simplify it even more, consultants deliver outsourced, unbiased, and data-driven solutions.

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From identifying the right problem, gathering company data and analytics, providing a strategic plan of action and agreement, to conducting timely follow-ups, a business consultant is able to assist the company in achieving sustainable and high returning results. At Dolomites Consulting, we specialize in strategy, management, branding, sales, operations, and marketing consulting. 

Business Consulting: Marketing 

Now, let’s add marketing into the mix! Marketing consultants are most commonly involved in the planning, implementing, and examining stages of a marketing strategy. They assist the company in creating a detailed marketing plan, effectively communicating and defining the marketing message to the target audience. Also, they take part in developing marketing strategies and observing results afterward. In other words, marketing consultants provide guidance and expertise throughout the entire marketing campaign.

Marketing consultants have a wide spectrum of specialized skills including:

Common Customer Pain Points

How do you know if your business may need assistance or an outsourced strategy from a business consultant? Maybe you lack market share, need extra support, or want to modernize your business but don’t know how? These are just a few of the customer pains points we have discovered in our experience at DCG.

A few other reasons one may need guidance from a consultant are:

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Case Study: Two Shepherds Taproom 


One of our most exciting clients at DCG is Two Shepherds Taproom– Tampa’s first and largest fully off-lease A/C indoor/outdoor dog park and bar, for guests ages 21+. The bar has a special outdoor area with over 10,000 square feet of space on K-9 grass artificial turf- making it the perfect spot to enjoy a beer and socialize without leaving your best friend at home. DCG has assisted in elevating Two Shepherd Taproom’s position in the dog-friendly bar industry through its services of branding, advertising, event planning and coordination, and social media management.  

Branding Strategy:

We have assisted in strengthening Two Shepherd’s brand by creating a style guide that reflects their mission statement and values. We use this style guide to create consistent content and increase their engagement and traction on their social platforms. Our style guide for Two Shepherds includes:

  • Logo Variations – This allows us to choose which variation fits better when creating event banners or Instagram stories and their logo more recognizable.
  • Color Palette – We reflect Two Shepherd’s logo with the color of beer and the title with the two dogs while adding more colors that blend well with the logo.
  • Typography – We chose fonts that were eye-catching and fun to represent the lively atmosphere of the dog bar.
  • Voice – In our posts, event descriptions, and more, we use a welcoming tone and frequently use emojis and dog jokes to keep the mood fun and playful.
  • Imagery – We take or coordinate high-quality photos and videos of happy or playful dogs and enhance the brightness and color saturation to be eye-catching. We also use this method of imagery with food truck highlights, beer, and wine selection, and event highlights.
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Event Planning and Coordination:

Two Shepherd’s Taproom is always hosting fun events all week long. We have assisted in creating more awareness of their events through branded stories, CTA’s on social media posts, Eventbrite and Facebook events, social messaging for their target audience, and more. For example, we were able to assist Two Shepherds in getting the most registrations and guests ever to come to their Barks N’ Bubbles Foam Party with Fetch Social!

Not only do we assist in generating more registrations and awareness of Two Shepherds Taproom events, but we also create them as well! For example, many of their guests have Golden Retrievers, so we assisted in planning a Golden Meetup for people to come and socialize with the same breed! At DCG, we strive to be creative in event planning while ultimately focusing on the needs, interests, and preferences of our clients and their target audiences. 

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Social Media Management 

Lastly, we run our social media management services for Two Shepherds Taproom. This includes scheduling posts to attending events at the bar for live promotion (tagging social handles of dogs, sponsors, etc.), collecting content for later, and mostly, enjoying the fun atmosphere!

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Key Takeaways:

  • Business consultants don’t just give advice, they deliver outsourced, unbiased, and data-driven solutions
  • Marketing consultants are most commonly involved in the planning, implementing, and examining stages of a marketing strategy
  • It’s important to define your company’s pain points and seeking assistance from a business consultant can give you clearer answers

If you are a small business looking to further enhance your strategic position, where to begin, or need expert advice in consulting or marketing, contact the DCG Team and we would be happy to assist you!

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