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Tampa Bay’s First and Largest Fully Off-Leash Dog Park and Bar

Come enjoy a combined 14,000+ square feet of A/C indoor play space, and a fully fenced outdoor dog park with a huge selection of beer, wine, and seltzers at Two Shepherds Taproom!

Your pup’s play paradise has arrived in Tampa, FL! With over 14,000 square feet of space, Two Shepherds Taproom has earned the title of Tampa’s best fully off-leash A/C indoor/outdoor dog park and bar (21+ yrs old to visit). Among their outstanding and caring staff, their facilities offer a 4,000+ sq ft indoor, air-conditioned dog park and a large, 10,000+ sq ft fenced-in outdoor dog park with specialized K-9 Grass artificial turf specifically designed for dogs and a newly installed splash pad

Ross and Pat opened Two Shepherds Taproom in June of 2020 to create a space where dog owners could grab a beer and socialize without leaving their best friend at home. You can feel at ease letting your pup run free, safely, while you try their extensive craft beer selection among other beverages. The real inspiration for the Two Shepherds Taproom brand comes from their fun-loving German Shepherd, Hobbes, and their eager-to-please Australian Shepherd, Cooper. There is a strong possibility you will meet one of these two friendly faces when you visit.

Drinks/local vendors:

Specifically for the humans, Two Shepherds offers 20 rotating taps and a robust selection of craft beer, wine, and seltzers! Local favorites include their own house Two Shepherds Lager, Raspberry Lemonade Cider by 3 Daughters Brewing, and selections from Coppertail Brewing, King State, and 81Bay Brewing. There are also plenty of non-alcoholic options as well.


You will always find something going on at Two Shepherds Taproom! From simply letting your dog play while you relax or attending one of their many monthly events, there is always a good time to visit any day of the week! Stop in for Trivia Tuesdays, Bingo on Thursdays, Bark n’ Brunch with bottomless mimosas on Sundays, Breed-specific meetups, Yappy Hours, Drag Queen Bingo once a month, and more! Check their calendar on their website or Facebook Page for specifics. All of these events are, of course, dog-friendly if not dog-centric, and often support local nonprofits.

Doggy birthday parties have grown more popular and why wouldn’t we want to celebrate (or spoil) our four-legged friends? When it comes to celebrating pup birthdays, there’s no better place than Two Shepherds. Their customizable party packages include reserved tables, drinks, decorations, doggie cakes, and more! 

Upcoming Event:

Join Two Shepherds Taproom for their Two Year Anniversary Party on June 18th from 4pm-9pm sponsored by 3 Daughters Brewing.

Come celebrate Two Shepherds Taproom turning two! To help you commemorate the occasion, they will have live music, raffles, free samples, swag, and more! Enjoy a photo booth set up to get your picture taken with your pup, and to top it all off, local favorite Salty Paws Dog Ice Cream will be there with their delicious dog ice cream for your pup. For the humans, veteran-owned Liberty Smokehouse will be serving up their delicious meals specifically crafted for the occasion.

Do I need a dog to come?

Nope! Everyone (21+ yrs old) is welcome with or without a dog.

Get your paws on a pint and enjoy all our human activities!

*Be sure to register your pup prior to visiting and upload vet records showing proof of up-to-date rabies, distemper (DHPP/DHLPP), and bordetella vaccinations! 

All pups 8+ months must be spayed/neutered.

Find them: 


Location: 4813 N Grady Ave, Tampa, FL 33614

Facebook & Instagram: @twoshepherdstaproom

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TEAM ADDO kicks off Heroes Welcome Party and 5th Annual All Heroes Open Charity Fishing Tournament

 9/22/21 | Weston Hucknall, Kathryn Donadio


TEAM ADDO is a nonprofit founded by James Boggs, with the mission and goal to inspire and encourage others to make the world around them better. The non-profit focuses on honoring the men and women who sacrifice for our freedom and raises awareness for children with special needs. They include and welcome people from all backgrounds, veterans and civilians alike; active duty, prior service, family and friends of veterans, and all community members who want to make a difference. 


TEAM ADDO’s purpose is to enrich the lives of others and ultimately serve our fellow brothers and sisters. They accomplish this by investing in and hosting meaningful and impactful events. From these events, they are able to touch the lives of so many children who are in the fight for their lives and pay back the debt of gratitude to our nation’s veterans and their families.


Most recently, they held their 4th Annual Tampa Bay Throw Down at Armature Works, overlooking the Hillsborough River in downtown Tampa. The charity cornhole tournament has proven successful three years in a row, and 2021 was no different. Teams came from all around to mingle, enjoy food and drinks, and participate in three competitive rounds of cornhole. The benefiting charities were Shriners Hospitals for Children and their very own Tampa Bay Veteran’s Closet. The Veteran’s Closet initiative partners with JB Addo Clothiers to provide a custom made-to-measure suit, as well as philanthropic professional photographers to provide high-quality professional headshots free to any transitioning or already transitioned service member or spouse. Another popular, yearly event includes the All Heroes Open Charity Golf Classic. 


TEAM ADDO is excited to announce the return of Tampa Bay’s number one fishing tournament, the All Heroes Open Charity Fishing Tournament! This year it will be hosted by Dealers Auction Xchange and held at the beautiful Westshore Yacht Club in Tampa, FL. The tournament will feature 60 boats and over 200 anglers. 


“I’m thankful to be able to hold this event to honor our nation's veterans. You can only get so much from virtual communications, there’s so much power and healing in connecting and reconnecting the community, and getting people back together, face to face and hand in hand.” - James Boggs


The Heroes Welcome Party kicks off this year’s tournament Friday evening, September 24th at Armature Works, hosted by Your Auction Tampa Bay. Everyone is welcome to attend, and tickets include all you can eat and drink with proceeds once again supporting Shriners Healthcare for Children Florida and Tampa Bay’s Veterans Closet. Special guest speaker and Vietnam veteran, retired Sergeant First Class Sammy Davis among other honored guests will make for a night to remember. This event will bring together over 360 people, including veterans, active duty, families, kids, and spouses as well as civilians within the community. “These are your vets. They are business owners, teachers, doctors, and more” says Boggs.


For more information go to

Learn more about TEAM ADDO or get involved by visiting their website, You can easily register for events and stay informed on any group updates. Find them on Facebook: .


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2021 Marketing Trends

As if digital marketing trends don’t move fast enough, 2020 saw a significant and unanticipated increase in users’ time online (eCommerce, Video Conferences, Social Media Time, Email Communication, etc.). Companies were forced to adapt quickly to capitalize on this phenomenon, and the lack of in-person interaction saw the birth of major shifts in what behavior trends this increased time online. Though seemingly unpredictable, a lot of these trends were merely brewing under the surface, and the pandemic was the catalyst that brought them to the forefront. Let’s take a look at what’s here to stay, and which key trends will help your business shift with the digital tide in 2021 and beyond.

  1. Online Shopping/eCommerce

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. eCommerce sales grew more than 30% between the first and second quarter of 2020. The reason for this dramatic increase is very clear: as citizens remained socially distant at home, they spent more time purchasing products online. However, the sheer volume of online sales astounded even the most prepared and efficient companies. In some cases, sales halted altogether when businesses just couldn’t keep up with the demand of their customers. 

Blog Graphics 3

No store was safe from the purchasing pandemonium, whether they were brick-and-mortar businesses or strictly online, like Amazon. Toilet paper became a valuable commodity! And because these businesses’ supply chains weren’t prepared for the influx of demand, they weren’t able to replenish their shelves quickly enough. This is a prime example of an opportunity for entrepreneurs to fill a need. Any gap within the business landscape is an opportunity.

Certain companies have adapted to this major shift to online shopping, most notably Instagram, and the substantial updates that were made to the app within the last few months of 2020. Instagram put a heavy emphasis on Reels and their shopping feature, encouraging users to spend directly on the app and giving brands the ability to add a new video-making platform to their marketing strategy.

2. Social Authenticity

As we social distance, there’s an opportunity to close that distance with authenticity, transparency, and relatability. Recognize the problems that your audience could be facing, and connect with them through that recognition. There doesn’t even have to be a concrete solution to the problem – you don’t have to have the solution or the answer. Acknowledging difficult experiences in an honest way can make a monumental difference in the way that your brand is perceived.

3. Companies with Standards

Consumers are actively searching for companies that hold themselves to higher standards, be it ethically, environmentally, socially, etc. They want to give their business to brands that they feel are making a positive impact on the world, and by purchasing from those brands, they are inadvertently contributing to that impact. 

Blog Graphics

4. SEO Changes on Instagram

Instagram is putting less impact on hashtags as a way to explore similar posts and becoming more “search-friendly.” Marketing-wise, this means businesses should focus on including more SEO in their captions – smart use of keywords, instead of just trendy hashtags for increased reach and engagement. 

Blog Graphics 2
  1. Reels as a Response to TikTok

Human connection, especially important in times such as these when we have to interact with each other at a distance. With the controversy that TikTok has faced in the past few months, Instagram decided to answer it by facilitating the use of Reels by making it a featured button at the bottom of the app’s homepage. We expect to see more platforms adopting this style of video, including “duet” and response style capabilities.

  1. Hybrid Events

Activities that once we would never dream of hosting online have now become the new norm. Every business has been forced to adapt and make this adjustment, and while it has introduced many difficulties to the usual processes, there are many positive developments to come out of these hybrid events and work environments. 

There are millions of employees all over the world performing their job duties from a remote location, an ability that they never thought possible before COVID-19. 

Try hosting your own virtual event! You have the potential to invite new customers who might otherwise have not been involved or showed up in person, but the virtual aspect makes it much more lowkey and convenient.

Blog Graphics 5
  1. Social Media for Customer Service

Don’t be afraid to use your brand’s social media as a method for customer service. There is something very powerful and special about connecting with your customers via social media platforms. Rather than being a company that simply spits out content, interacting with customers through your accounts gives them a sense of importance and satisfaction. It makes people feel sought out and important, and it will also encourage more interaction from your followers, thus raising the engagement on your social media and giving you the potential to get more eyes on your pages. 

  1. Social Monitoring

It will be easier and more important than ever to incorporate social monitoring into your marketing strategy. There are many benefits to social monitoring, including proactive crisis management, determining your brand’s market positioning, understanding the behavior of your customers, etc. 

As a means of crisis management, social monitoring will allow you to observe the way consumers are reacting to various events in the world, and gauge how you need to respond to these events in order to make the deepest and most lasting connection with your audience. It keeps you from being tone-deaf and saying something that could put your brand in a bad light. Always be aware of what your particular consumer base is saying about current affairs and never take for granted the value of such knowledge can be. 

Social monitoring can also help you understand where your brand is in relation to the market. Listen to the market and to where the demand is, and this will help you locate a particular group of consumers whose needs aren’t being met within the current marketplace. Really listen to what it is that people want/need.

Understanding your target audience’s behavior is essential in order to deliver the best service possible and to prepare for future purchases. If you know your audience well enough, you can predict what their future actions will be, what type of messaging and advertising appeals most to them, and how to turn them into loyal customers.

  1. Voice Search
Blog Graphics 1

Convenience is the name of the game. Make sure your website and social media are optimized for voice search. People are searching the web differently, and video marketing is one of the most affected types of content so far. Voice search is having a big effect on SEO because of the difference in speech patterns versus typed searches. Speech is more colloquial, more free-form, and on the spot, while typing a phrase or question into the Google search bar takes a little more forethought. Most of the time, typed searches involve inadvertently searching keywords or ideas. Voice search is more centered around the thing itself, is often phrased in the form of a question, and is much less rigid or predictable (making SEO more complicated than ever). 

  1.  Video Marketing

With so many people working from home, video content has become more frequent and casual, with glimpses into the life of someone who works at home and what a typical day is like. With the freedom and confidence to make more video content, we are seeing a rise in these more interactive posts that will continue to grow as the months go by. The lack of in-person connections has brought about the desire for continued interaction through social media, and what better way to feel as if you could be hanging out in real-time with someone else than through videos?

Certain platforms, most notably Instagram, are beefing up their video features to encourage users to take advantage of this specific type of media. Instagram has been pushing Reels hard ever since TikTok’s privacy policies were called into question, and Reels has even become the main focus on the homepage of every Instagram user. 


It is clear that the space provided by 2020 has been filled by what people want, and more than ever, the digital world is being dictated by how the general public (and your future audience) is using their time, melding personal behaviors with business opportunities. Luckily, social platforms are fighting hard to evolve to suit the behaviors of the public, which happens to coincide with an opportunity for business.

If 2020 showed us anything, it’s how quickly things can change/are ever-evolving/adaptable. It’s likely that this list doesn’t cover everything we’ll see in 2021, and the best advice we can offer is to stay vigilant, pay attention to how digital platforms are changing and why, and check in on online consumer behaviour regularly.

Interested in how to implement any of these tactics successfully? Request a free consultation with a DCG marketing specialist today!

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Marketing During a Crisis

As we navigate through uncertain times, many questions run through the minds of not only the nation, but communities around the globe. Cities, states, and countries continue to escalate restrictions, slowing down operations and marketing to a crawl worldwide. We continue to watch the news and social media for updates on the Coronavirus and its impact in order to determine the best course of action for ourselves, our families, and our businesses. No matter where you stand in the political climate or the concern spectrum, there is a widespread need for many businesses and entrepreneurs to continue making strategic decisions on how to best move forward with marketing their business. 

So, how should you market during this crisis or recession? Where do you start?

Here is a quick guide on marketing strategy during emergencies:

1.Pause and evaluate your current marketing efforts. What do you have scheduled or on autopilot on various platforms and mediums? Do you have ads running or email campaigns scheduled to go out? Identify all queues and put a stop to them immediately if it makes sense to do so. It will be much better to delay communication from your brand to evaluate and update it, rather than risk the interest, trust, or even respect of your follower base due to messaging that is not relevant, tone deaf, or in bad taste

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2. Update your customers and followers on what your business is doing. Yes, we see news about it everywhere, but it’s important to let your customers know what to expect during the foreseeable future. Make sure you update your Google listing, website, and social media pages with adjusted changes (i.e. hours and closures). If you are able to assist those in need, be sure to have clear information on how customers or community members can take advantage of your products or services. Even if you are unsure of how you will move forward long term, acknowledging the circumstance and informing your followers with updates goes a long way in keeping your brand relevant

3. Be real and genuine in your efforts. Address your employees, teammates, and consumers with a caring message. No matter what industry or vertical in which you operate, nor the size of your company, people’s lives are being affected. Almost 89% of American consumers say that they are loyal to brands that share their values, so it’s wise to emphasize your core values in your messaging and how you will be handling what the future holds. Communicating empathy reinforces qualities that are human, and offers a chance to reinforce an emotional connection with your audience. Messaging using “we”, “us”, and “together” shows solidarity with your company culture and gives a positive message of resilience.

“A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.”

– Seth Godin

4. Know your audience to understand and predict consumer behavior. We are seeing first-hand how individuals and groups act in crisis and uncertain situations. A lack of trust in media and news outlets, combined with an overload of information sources, causes confusion, fear, and distrust that drives people to act in ways they normally may not. Economic uncertainty drastically changes financial and buying practices for everyone.

Understanding your audience and their decision-making process allows you to create a strategic marketing plan that aligns with what is most important to them. Focus more on how you can help your consumers and what problems you can solve more-so than simply what your company does. Something like, “Got your hands full? Eliminate the stress of planning meals by ordering online!” will speak to your restaurant audience more than, “We are open and deliver”. Communicate what consumers could miss out on if they wait, let them know about how a product could be helpful during stressful times, and let them know you’ll be there for them whenever they are ready.  Use this time to lay a foundation to build brand loyalty as the economy improves.


5. Look for other creative ways to connect as consumer values and attitudes shift. If your company hasn’t modernized yet, it’s crucial that you do so now. Adopting videos, webinars, and video chat in communications will allow you to keep connected and top of mind. Find unique ways to reach out with a personal touch like handwritten notes to top clients. Send big supporters a private message on social media and let them know you are there for them. Think about parts of your experience that you can share to relate to your consumers. Our social media feeds will continue to be saturated with stressful information. Sharing a bit of humor on your feed can stand out to your followers and reinforce a positive sentiment, loyalty, and conversions when the time is right. Creating engaging content like polls and asking consumers to share photos is a good example of ways to connect. 

6. Stay focused and update your goals accordingly. While operations are slow, you will naturally have more time for other things. It can be a golden opportunity to PLAN! Make sure you are still paying attention to how you’re spending your time, even with adjusting habits to accommodate work-from-home dynamics. Think critically about projections. The business landscape will shift dramatically, but that doesn’t mean opportunities don’t exist. As competitors cut back, there may be opportunities to take advantage of lower marketing costs to increase market share. 

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Make sure your operations are ready to handle increased interactions digitally. Make sure your website is optimized to be found on google. Take advantage of organic social media tactics to grow and connect with your audience, and provide a high level of customer service. And when you see a good story, pass it along.

If you are looking for customized recommendations for your business, our MC360 team is here to help. Contact us to get started today, or click here to read more on our strategy consulting services. 

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