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Matthew Nauss

Co-founder & Partner


Matthew (Matt) Nauss is a highly accomplished and experienced consultant with a strong background in brand development, management, sales, marketing, team building, leadership, and organizational development. As a Boston-born individual and a 12-year Army veteran, Matthew has served in various capacities across 30 countries, including multiple deployments to the Middle East. Notably, he held key positions such as a recruiter in Fort Myers, served in USSOCOM at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, and led a general's travel communications team for US Army Africa in Vicenza, Italy.

After concluding his military career in 2013, Matthew pursued higher education at the University of Tampa, where he successfully obtained his degree in Entrepreneurship. During this time, he simultaneously worked as a Business Development Manager and seized the opportunity to establish Modern Business Consulting. Over time, this venture evolved into the esteemed Dolomites Consulting Group, a renowned business, and marketing consultingfirm headquartered in Tampa, FL.

As the Chief Executive Officer, Matthew's remarkable vision and exceptional leadership skills have been pivotal in driving the growth of Dolomites Consulting Group's client portfolio and establishing valuable partnerships. In recent endeavors, his team proudly launched My City Cowork, an exceptional class A coworking space situated in the vibrant Channel District. They have also collaborated with Hussar Yachts, a remarkable boat builder with Polish origins, to introduce new boat lines to the US market.

Matthew Nauss's remarkable journey, coupled with his profound expertise and unwavering commitment, has positioned him as a trusted advisor and a driving force behind the success of Dolomites Consulting Group.

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