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Social Media Management 

As consumers change the way they consume information, so should you. Because of the rapid digitalization of how we research and purchase products today, it’s more crucial than ever for your business to stay in tune with the latest trends and create an agile social media strategy.

Our social media management solution takes all of the hard thinking and work off your hands. DCG uses data-based platforms & optimization to grow your business to the next level and beyond.

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    A strong social media strategy involves:

    In-depth content schedules, targeted content creation, engaging with customers, driving traffic to a well-developed website, reviewing social media analytics, and evaluating success.

    Our team of social media strategists and analytics experts will collaborate with your leadership to offer customizable and scalable solutions to expand your company’s digital reach based on the unique dynamics of your business.


    From developing strategic action plans to social media management and implementation plans, DCG can help you save time leveraging your socials to increase awareness and boost revenue.

    DCG Social Media Platforms We Service

    All of Our Packages Include:

    Introductory Audit/Review

    Our team of experts provides you with an in-depth analysis of your current efforts on each platform and provides you with specific recommendations to take advantage of strengths and develop weak spots in your strategy. 

    Competitor Analysis

    See how you stack up against competitors and identify gaps and opportunities in the market. Gain important insights on how to grow your business and brand.

    Industry and Keyword Research

    Understanding your industry and target consumers is essential to creating a competitive advantage and successful sales funnel. We never skip steps or cut corners, ensuring maximized value to our clients.

    Strategy Development

    DCG sets you up for long term success. We take a 360 approach to evaluating all components of your business to create a social media management plan that is tailored to your unique business model and marketing mix.

    Profile Setup / Optimization

    Technology and platforms are constantly changing and adding new features to showcase your company in new ways. We make sure your social media profiles are set up properly and updated regularly to maximize your reach potential.

    Website Integration

    Social media is a powerful tool to attract attention, provide value, and drive customers through the sales funnel journey. This is often facilitated by a strong website user-experience. A social media strategy would not be complete without integrating your platforms seamlessly throughout your website.

    Engagement/Reputation Monitoring

    We continue to not only monitor the effectiveness of your social media strategy but also how consumers feel and speak about your brand. We alert you with any issues that arise, while also uncovering valuable insights on how to shift your operations to solve problems and create a better user experience.

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